Our IP units in Botswana have developed excellent relationships with the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO), the local intellectual property authorities and international trademark agents. We keep abreast with the ever-evolving legal trends so as to respond to our clients’ needs in the technology era. Our lawyers have the requisite expertise to advise on ICT law.

We offer the following services to clients:

  •  Trademarks and patent filings and prosecutions;
  •  Opinions on the availability and registrability of trademarks;
  •  Intellectual property audits;
  •  Advising on copyright matters; and
  •  Representation in IP disputes.
  •  E-commerce transactions;
  •  Telecommunications inter-connect agreements;
  •  Regulatory compliance and Licensing;
  •  ISP liability;
  •  Data protection; and
  •  ICT contracts.
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