Alec Muza Appointed to INTA Leadership Development Committee

Alec Muza has been appointed the International Trademark Association INTA Leadership Development Committee for the 2022–2023 term. “The Leadership Development Committee develops insightful, engaging, and interactive educational programs and services specifically designed for the professional growth and development of INTA volunteers to perform leadership roles within the Association or their organizations. Work includes content development, identification of speakers and moderators, support with course materials, and program or services implementation. Current offerings include: Leadership LABs, bootcamps, LEAD and other sessions (at Annual and…

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How trade secrets can bring value to your business

How trade secrets can bring value to your business Hush – hush! – It is a trade secret. Business in the modern world has become cutthroat and to remain competitive and to meet the ever evolving customer demands, businesses are being forced to innovate and improve their product offerings and services. The said innovation is driven by information which if it lands in the wrong hands, will result in a business losing its competitive edge. Such important information…

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IP In The Digital Space

IP In The Digital Space Due to Covid – 19 many businesses have been forced to transform and go digital. Most businesses are now selling or marketing their products and services through new digital information technologies, such as the Internet. In such transactions, IP is the main component of value because the goods and services of value that are traded through e-commerce platforms must be protected, using technological security systems and IP laws, or else they can…

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